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– BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Review

Product Snapshot


Product is designed to run on a SaaS platform.

Customer Focus

Product is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Select Customers

O2, Vodafone, Eaton, Orange, Florida Hospital

About BMC BladeLogic Client Automation

- BMC BladeLogic Client Automation BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is an integrated and automated IT asset management software solution built to configure and maintain end user systems, applications and operating systems. The platform enables IT operation staff to cost effectively and securely update, patch, manage, and maintain IT assets, including desktops and handheld devices. The software is a product of BMC Software, a leading provider of software solutions that manage IT assets and infrastructure across distributed, mainframe, virtual, and cloud environments. For a complementary product see BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite.

About the Company
Recognized as a leading provider of business service management solutions, BMC Software delivers a broad range of comprehensive IT management solutions built with robust features to address critical IT needs, helping organizations to lower costs, reduce risks, and improve business performance.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Key Features

  • Policy-based Management capabilities
  • Text-based License Compliance Reporting
  • Automatic Discovery of Desktops
  • Software Title Discovery
  • Policy-Based Management settings
  • Advanced Power Settings Management
  • Report generation tools
  • Patch Management capabilities

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