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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– BuddyMeeting Review

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Customer Focus

Individuals, small businesses and educators.

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About BuddyMeeting

- BuddyMeetingBuddyMeeting provides free, general-purpose online conferencing software with additional e-learning functionality. At this time BuddyMeeting is in the process of integrating with popular business applications and Moodle, an open source e-learning platform; upon completing these upgrades it is likely that BuddyMeeting will release versions of its software more appropriate for professional and large-scale educational use.

In addition to live videoconferencing, BuddyMeeting features desktop sharing and a file sharing whiteboard. A meeting record feature is in the works. Though BuddyMeeting is accepting registration for its free e-learning service, online classroom features are not available as of this posting.

BuddyMeeting’s stated mission is an altruistic one: to facilitate collaboration and reduce greenhouse gasses by reducing travel time. It is unclear, therefore, whether the company intends to charge for its product.

BuddyMeeting Key Features

  • Free live videoconferencing
  • BBB file sharing whiteboard
  • Desktop sharing
  • Recurring meeting scheduling
  • Planned Moodle e-learning features

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