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BuilderTREND Review

Product Snapshot

  • $99/month for the Starter edition
  • $149/month for the Pro edition

The software is available as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

The company works with construction companies.

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BuilderTREND BuilderTREND is a home builder and construction software solution that focuses on project support for teams. To start, BuilderTREND keeps all team members on the same page in real-time by updating people on change orders and schedule changes, providing a storage for documents and photos, and managing purchase orders. Then. you are able to communicate design choices with clients, find leads, and maintain daily logs on the field. Lastly, the platform is accessible on any mobile device so you can be productive from any location with an internet connection.

About BuilderTREND
BuilderTrend has over 100,000 customers worldwide and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has won a number of construction industry awards, including 4 Constructech Top Product Awards and recognition as a top 50 technology provider by Constructech in 2010.

BuilderTREND Key Features

  • Construction software that keeps team members abreast of developments in real time
  • Accessible by any web-enabled device
  • Cloud storage of documents, orders and pictures
  • Easily import leads and find new ones
  • Voice-to-text daily logs and simple documentation
  • Collaborate with clients with style selections and budget choices
  • Create and share schedule shifts

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