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CallPro CRM Review

Product Snapshot


CallPro CRM is available as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

CallPro CRM works with companies of all sizes.

About CallPro CRM

CallPro CRMCallPro CRM is a full-featured, customizable cloud CRM solution that provides numerous features specifically designed for call-centric companies. This CRM solution provides tools to manage users and data, create helpful reports and manage email marketing campaigns. CallPro CRM integrates with, and can help businesses with contact management, lead generation and call efficiency needs. A flat monthly per-user rate with no mandatory annual contract and unlimited data hosting ensures CallPro CRM remains affordable for small businesses and larger deployments as well.

About CallPro CRM, LLC.
CallPro CRM originated as a developer of telemarketing software. While working in this segment the company identified a gap in the market for a CRM solution with call-centric features for phone-heavy businesses. Its flagship program is a combination of that telemarketing and call center knowhow with traditional CRM features and email marketing tools.

CallPro CRM Key Features

  • Account and contract records
  • Contact history view
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Compatibility with Google Calendar and MS Outlook
  • Sales analytics tools
  • Email marketing automation
  • VoIP integration
  • Sales call performance monitor
  • Automatic call and call-back scheduling tool
  • Advance scripting capabilities
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