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Cartweaver5 Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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About Cartweaver5

Cartweaver5 Cartweaver5 is an eshopping cart software designed to be added to PHP sites through drag-and-drop functionality. The platform provides users with robust web-based administration tools as well as a complete MySQL product, order and customer database.

The software is designed to be multi-device responsive, integrate with existing frameworks and CSS systems already in place, and allows users to implement custom designs and layouts in order to match company branding ideas. Additionally, the platform is built to protect customer data as well as maintain PCI compliance standards.

About the Company

Cartweaver5 was founded in 2002.


Cartweaver5 Key Features

  • Search for products by Categories, Secondary Categories, and Keywords
  • Specify as many each and every product with customer-friendly multiple select fields
  • Product display adjusts to the number of options associated with the product
  • Dial in shipping by Flat Rate, Order Weight, Order Destination, or a combination
  • Provides referential integrity and the utmost flexibility
  • Unlimited Categories and Secondary Categories, with powerful search options
  • Supports local, international and regional districts, including Canadian and European VAT tax systems


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