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– Chargify eInvoicing Review

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Chargify operates on a SaaS platform.

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Small businesses.

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About Chargify

- Chargify eInvoicing Chargify offers an easy-to-use platform for managing invoices and tracking revenue analytics. With Chargify, the user can control customer invoice settings, review itemized statements, track business finance activity. The Chargify interface is also accessible through a free iPhone app, and will soon include Salesforce integration.

About Chargify LLC
Developed by the founders of Grasshopper in 2009, Chargify aims to help businesses better manage and optimize billing practices for repeat customers. Chargify officially became its own company in 2011 and today continues to grow and adopt enhanced features, including those requested by clients.

Chargify Key Features

  • Easy hosted customer sign-up pages
  • Flat-rate & metered/usage-based pricing
  • Setup fees & trial periods
  • Coupons
  • Bill customers via credit card or invoicing
  • Send statements, receipts, and various emails
  • VAT/GST tax, state-level sales tax
  • Integration to Quickbooks & Salesforce
  • Affiliate payouts
  • PCI Level 1 audited & listed by Visa

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