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About ClauseBase

ClauseBaseClauseBase is a contract drafting platform that allows lawyers to turn their clauses into intelligent and reusable clauses and manage them in a clause library. From there, they can build contracts by stacking clauses on top of each other like building blocks, with ClauseBase ensuring internal consistency in terminology, grammar, styling, cross-referencing, and much more. The software also allows users to transform intelligent templates into a Q&A-style interview for easy contract generation.

About ClauseBase
ClauseBase was founded in 2018 in Leuven and has 10+ employees.

ClauseBase Key Features

  • Access rights
  • Definition list generation
  • Real-time, interactive previews
  • Alternatives
  • Optional clauses
  • Dual language export
  • Automatic cross-referencing
  • Deep grammatical support
  • Multiple languages
  • House style automation
  • Numbering consistency
  • Bulk document generation
  • Global company register integration
  • Conditional table columns and rows
  • Repeats/loops
  • Open API
  • Client portal
  • Answer validations
  • Alerts
  • Collaboration functionalities
  • Anonymous user access
  • Self-service platform
  • Optional subdocuments
  • Document suite generation
  • Automatic summary generation
  • Clause shrinking
  • Advanced search
  • Attribute meta data for clauses
  • Company signature policy enforcement
  • E-signatures integration
  • Typographical control

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