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Clevertim CRM Review

Product Snapshot



Customer Focus

Easy to use, easy to learn, web-based CRM for small businesses whose API allows users to connect and access their CRM data programatically.

  • Free/30-day trial.
  • $24/month – Basic, for up to six users.
  • $49/month – Professional, for up to 15 users.
  • $99/month – Premium, for up to 40 users.


Clevertim CRM

Clevertim CRM Clevertim CRM is designed for small business customers who want to improve their business and want an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use cloud CRM solution that is both affordable and low risk.

About Clevertim Ltd
Clevertim Ltd is a small software company based in West Wickham, Bromley, United Kingdom that believes in delivering simple and affordable but great products for its customers.

Clevertim CRM Key Features

  • Contact and company/account management through storing all contacts and accounts in one place.
  • Sales opportunity management through keeping all sales opportunities in one place.
  • Case management that allows for tracking inquires, problems, complaints, requests or questions from customers and leads.
  • Tasks, meetings and reminder/follow-ups.
  • Online file storage and organizer.
  • Email integration that allows for forwarding emails to your Clevertim dropbox email account.
  • Flexible and powerful custom fields.
  • Destop application on the web.


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