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iConnect Web POS Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing begins at $9 a month for each location.


ConnectBusiness Web POS is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

ConnectBusiness works with small and mid-sized companies.

Select Customers

Slide the City, Murad, Traeger, Maci Cafe, Nike

ConnectBusiness Web POS

iConnect Web POS ConnectBusiness Web POS works over the Cloud to handle all your point of sale transactions and more. From any computer, you can receive payments, make sales, arrange your online store layout, and collect signatures. The program also has back-office functionality by providing you with tools for CRM, employee and inventory management, and appointment scheduling. Lastly, ConnectBusiness Web POS lets you generate reports on a variety of areas and can export store data into Excel.

About ConnectBusiness
ConnectBusiness is headquartered in Colorado and was founded in 2010.

ConnectBusiness Web POS Features

  • SaaS POS software solution for your online store
  • Automatically calculates taxes and discounts
  • Can manipulate the way you display your objects
  • Stores all customer data in a CRM database
  • Stores calendars for appointments and employee schedules
  • Handles all your inventory online
  • Can implement a loyalty program
  • Generates reports on client retention, sales performance, and more
  • All store data can be transferred back and forth between Excel

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