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– Conrep Time and Expense Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is available as both a SaaS and On-Premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and medium-sized companies.

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About Conrep Time and Expense

- Conrep Time and Expense Conrep Time and Expense is an online timesheet software program where workers can enter their own hours individually. The platform allows users, particularly managers, to work with tools to handle expense reports and late timesheets and manage clients, placements and invoices.

The software provides businesses with the tools to streamline the process of creating, approving and managing timesheets and expenses. Additionally, the platform allows companies to add one of Conrep’s two dozen+ modules for reporting, forecasting, calendar, web form and more features.

About the Company

Conrep was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Delaware.


Conrep Time and Expense Key Features

  • Online timesheet reporting software usable by employees
  • Managers can use the product’s tools to handle late timesheets and expense reports
  • Captures billable data and processes invoices faster
  • Reduces redundancy and billing errors
  • Importable modules include dashboards, alerts, scheduling, reporting, forecasting, auditing, and more
  • Easy to pick and choose which Conrep modules to implement


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