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Converge Enterprise CRM Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Free Trial – 30 days
  • Lite – $9.00 Per User Per Month
  • Professional – $29.00 Per User Per Month
  • Premium – $59 Per User Per Month

Converge Enterprise is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Small Business, Medium-sized Business, Large Enterprise

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About Converge Enterprise CRM

Converge Enterprise CRM Converge Enterprise CRM is designed to offer comprehensive complete business solution to SMBs through simple features, intuitive navigation, intelligent marketing solution, sales force automation, customer intelligence, third-party integration and in-depth analytics. It offers integration with your Email service, MS Office, Outlook and Google Apps to help you manage all your business activities from a single platform.

Converge Enterprise CRM promotes simplicity as its USP. It is effective and flexible to the extent that you can customize Converge to meet your specific industry requirements very easily. Converge Enterprise is the next generation CRM that provides cloud based Customer Acquisition and Management solutions and enable Businesses to be successful by helping them focus on their Customers.

Role based security: Converge Enterprise’s role based security feature allows you to define rules for different users regarding data sharing, updating and deletion. You can limit user’s access to data based on his role in company hierarchy.

DRIP marketing: Create effective engagement campaigns using inbuilt templates from Converge Enterprise CRM. The powerful DRIP marketing manager offers intelligent step-by-step approach to dynamic routing of DRIPs based on triggering events.

Easy to use apps store: Shop for plugable applications from Converge Enterprise apps store to fully personalize your CRM software. Converge Enterprise believes in delivering an adaptive CRM solution for your business.

Automation & workforce management: Converge Enterprise offers high return on your investment. It is nimble and flexible that makes work process management automatic and hassle free. Describe and automate subsequent steps to lead your task to logical completion.

Sales process automation: Effectively track leads, prospects, and business opportunities to close more deals in record time. Automate most part of your sales process so that you can concentrate on your core competence. Converge CRM’s smart data management solution provides you with up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for future.

Third-party apps integration: A hoard of third-party apps, essential for your business, can be linked to your Converge Enterprise CRM. The cloud based CRM offers easy integration to Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Google Map, Send Grid , Bitly and Quickbook to name a few.

Dynamic dashboard: Converge CRM dashboard is agile that keeps you updated on information important to you. The dashboard is designed to provide you with easy navigation to all the important sections of the software. Personalize the dashboard so that you always get the information on your fingertips.

Simplicity of Inline edit: Converge Enterprise has made editing and updating data on their CRM software easy by allowing users to perform inline edit. You can view and update complete history from a single screen. Add tasks, comments, events; upload files and send emails to the leads from a single page.

POS integration: Converge Enterprise allows POS integration to create a unified business platform. Directly source and extract data from your POS system and apply CRM intelligence to know your best customers. Grow your business by identifying more business opportunities.

Marketing automation: Converge CRM makes your marketing process smarter and less strenuous. The intelligent marketing automation interface will guide you through the different phases of successfully closing a deal. You can set alerts and create chains of steps that need to be carried out. You can set stop criteria for your email marketing campaign so that it stops when the status of the lead changes. Create chains of new activities or email campaigns to follow up when the lead status changes.

Deals management: Converge Enterprise deals management tool provides a report card on the progress of your deal. Sort and get customized reports on your deals. Effectively track your sales proposals and other opportunities and view reports through deals management dashboard of Converge Enterprise.

About Converge
Converge Enterprise, web-based, simple, CRM solution, for small and mid-sized businesses. It is designed to offer comprehensive sales, marketing and communication solution to small business users. Designed by a Silicon Valley based company it offers CRM solution that has integrated features like Email Integration, POS Integration, Voice/Fax/SMS Integration, Social Media Integration, Document Management, Role-Based Security, Campaign Management, DRIP Marketing etc.

Converge Enterprise Key Features

  • Easy to use, intuitive navigation
  • Adapts to your Business
  • Adapts to your level of expertise, no learning curve
  • Bridges the gap between Sales and Marketing
  • Multi-Channel – Email, SMS, Fax, Voice, Online, Social, Inbound, Outbound, Event
  • Automation and Workflows
  • Case Management
  • Deals Management
  • DRIP Marketing
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Easy to use apps store
  • Marketing automation
  • Open APIs
  • POS integration
  • Role based security
  • Sales process automation
  • Simplicity of Inline edit
  • Social feeds integration
  • Third-party apps integration

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