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– Crunched Review

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  • Free
  • Personal: $9/month
  • Professional: $29/month
  • Company: $49/month

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Software-as-a-Service (browser-based)

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Individuals to large businesses.

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About Crunched

- CrunchedCrunched provides a web conferencing service aimed primarily at sales teams. Crunch’s biggest selling point is its ease of use: Unlike WebEx and GoToMeeting, the software is browser-based, which means no more helping customers through tedious and unreliable installation processes. Inside a chat room, participants can chat and view pitch decks. Additionally, Crunched provides tools for monitoring attention levels of conference attendees, both during conferences and in response to follow-up emails. Crunched also taps into LinkedIn to provide information about attendees, such as the role each person plays at his company and common interests. Premium features include team management and Salesforce integration.

Crunched was founded in April 2010 by Sean Black, formerly of Trulia real estate.

Crunched Key Features

  • View information about participants such as local weather to facilitate social interaction
  • Monitor attendee interest during presentations and in follow-up emails
  • Quickly upload and find pitch decks before and during presentations
  • Presentation sharing features facilitate collaboration and sales employee training
  • Live screen sharing
  • Record sales presentations
  • LinkedIn and Salesforce integration

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