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– CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak Review

Product Snapshot


CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak is available as an on-premise solution or as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

CyberMetrics works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

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About CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak

- CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak is an asset management software solution that works with gages to maintain their settings and records. The program can track all gage locations, test individual ones and create schedules for how gages are calibrated. Meanwhile, the system logs all activity in auditable records and can pull up information on demand. Users can additionally forecast asset breakdown risk by simulating estimated workloads against fully calibrated gages. The product can document each gage calibration, and users can generate a variety of performance reports. Lastly, CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak comes with full support from the CyberMetrics team.

About CyberMetrics
CyberMetrics was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Phoenix.

CyberMetrics GAGEtrak FastTrak Key Features

  • SaaS or on-premise asset management software solution
  • Works with gages and maintains their settings
  • Monitors all gage calibrations and locations
  • Can test gages remotely
  • Forecasts risk by comparing incoming workloads against gage settings
  • Stores all activity in audit trails
  • Generates a number of asset reports


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