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– CyberTeams WebSite Director Review

Product Snapshot


A license starts at $1160.


CyberTeams WebSite Director is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

CyberTeams works with small and mid-sized non-profits.

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CyberTeams WebSite Director

- CyberTeams WebSite Director CyberTeams WebSite Director is an online content management system that is available in four editions. The core product features a WYSIWYG editor and a number of templates from which you can create your pages. As you pay for the program’s more expensive editions, you gain access to more detailed layout forms and templates, an external API, version control, and content directories. Lastly, the most expensive version of CyberTeams WebSite Director contains a workflow system for approvals.

About CyberTeams
CyberTeams was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Maryland. The company aims to meet the online content management needs of non-profits.

CyberTeams WebSite Director Features

  • Webpage CMS that is available in four editions
  • Features a WYSIWYG editor you can use with page templates
  • External API
  • Full control over version history
  • Stores all content in a file directory system
  • Workflow system handles all content approvals
  • Hosts blogs, image galleries, and news feeds

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