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DigitalChalk Review

Product Snapshot


Pay-as-you-go, no subscriptions or contracts. One-time license/setup fee.



Customer Focus

DigitalChalk targets organizations around the globe of all sizes, ranging from SOHO to large enterprise.


DigitalChalkDigitalChalk online training software and learning management system (LMS) allows users to quickly create and deliver their training courses online. This e-learning software platform is the perfect solution for companies that sell their courses online and organizations that need to train their staff. DigitalChalk continues to evolve its product to meet the demands of its customers and partners, as well as organizations that have specific standards and requirements for online training.

About DigitalChalk
DigitalChalk’s initial focus was to serve the online continuing education market, but it quickly recognized the growing need for corporate online training and expanded its business plan to include both markets. DigitalChalk rapidly grew to accommodate a worldwide customer base and has consistently doubled its revenue and customer base year-over-year since its founding. DigitalChalk was formed in 2006 by co-founders Russ Stinehour (CEO) and Troy Tolle (CTO) in Asheville, N.C., to offer a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), online training software platform and learning management system (LMS). In 2007 DigitalChalk opened a sales office in Atlanta, Ga., and a service and support office in Orlando, Fla., and began servicing its first customers.

DigitalChalk Key Features

  • Low Startup Cost, Pay-As-You-Go Pricing: No contracts or subscription fees.
  • Free Telephone Support: Get support when you need it – for free.
  • Online Course Editing Suite: Enhance your existing multimedia presentations. Create tests, assignments, and Web content.
  • Detailed, Customizable, Tracking and Reporting: Track your students and create reports in real-time.
  • HD Streaming Video Capabilities: Offer your courses in high-definition.
  • iPad and Tablet Compatible: Deliver your courses with the confidence they are accessible on the devices your students use.


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