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DigSee MobileSOP Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • License MobileSOP for 1 mobile device: $150.
  • License WEB-CRM Dealongo-ONLINE: $4000.
  • Rent complex: $60 per month for 1 representative.

The software is available as a SaaS solution and an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

The software serves small to mid-sized businesses.

Select Customers

HP, Life, MTS, Oriflame, Kamis

About MobileSOP

DigSee MobileSOP DigSee’s MobileSOP is a retail management software solution that lets users perform basic functions of retail processes such as audit, merchandising and collection of orders. To start, the software’s mobile app gives merchandisers or any trading representative control to all basic retail functions on their smartphone, tablet or PC. From there, they have access to information on all retail sites, routes and notes on each site.

One special feature MobileSOP has is its retail audit reporting module where your employees can fill out information on trading activities, mobile orders and deliveries. Lastly, the program operates offline without any internet connection. The only time you need to use the internet or WiFi is to send out reports and provide synchronization with the common database.

About DigSee

DigSee is a company that specializes in corporate mobile/network solutions and mobile enterprise software connecting sales, service and supply chain.

MobileSOP Key Features

  • Automation of your staff, which helps to do auditing in retail shops
  • Automation of your engineers, who provide installation and repair operations
  • Automation of outsourcing companies
  • Offline accessibility
  • Mobile accessibility on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Easy handling of large databases
  • Support of route charts
  • Works with retail site cards
  • Retail site debt/account receivable information

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