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E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail Review

Product Snapshot


E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

E-Novations works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

Starbucks, Nisa Today’s, NHS, Christy, Emirates Hospital

About E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail

E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail is a retail management software solution that works for a variety of industries. The program can work in grocers, standard retailers, pharmacies and more to take care of key retail operations. For instance, users can perform customer checkouts, offer promotions, maintain loyalty rewards and issue refunds. On the back-end side of retail, the system can maintain all inventory by issuing stock movement transactions, generating forecasts and sending orders to suppliers. Users can track all worker time and attendance, and the product can calculate commissions. Lastly, E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail can manage shifts for all retail workers.

About E-Novations
E-Novations was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London.

E-Novations Emperium EPOS Retail Key Features

  • On-premise retail management software solution
  • Works in fashion boutiques, pharmacies, grocers and more
  • Processes all customer orders and payments
  • Maintains all inventory by displaying stock, issuing movements and sending out orders to suppliers
  • Offers loyalty rewards and promotions to frequent customers
  • Maintains all worker shifts, attendance and timesheet data
  • Can calculate commissions for each sales agent


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  • b lucas

    I bought an epos system in February 2012 through a 3rd party which had e-novations software included and had a 12 month licence. In December 2012 they suspended the software unless I paid £72 per month. As this was the busiest time of the year I had no choice however in February when my licence agreement finished, I changed my epos system. Today I received a letter stating that I owed them £2376 and they were handing this over to a debt collection agency. They have not given me time to seek legal advice and therefore I have had to pay £210 + vat as a cancellation fee, even though I have not used there software of support for nearly 2 years. The product was rubbish too!

  • Harry Souza

    Impressive software and epos system. Great support team.
    Very sensible and supportive throughout. Highly satisfied and would recommend.

  • dan Thomas

    No Issues

    My friends brought this epos system and they don’t seem to have any issues. Straight away ordered one. Highly satisfied. Thank you.

  • John David

    Business friendly software

    You can run any business on this software very easily. Best in Industry.

  • luca harvey

    Very polite on phone

    Support team ware very friendly.Great service,
    sorted all my queries.

  • simon Van

    Best service ever

    There were no limitations to their service. Very patient even
    though I called many times for solving my queries. Thank you very much.

  • mathew james

    Affordable price,
    very fast delivered epos systems and quality service. Would highly recommend
    to my friends.

  • jeniffer

    Amazing Functions
    Ease of use, setup, and reporting functionality are all amazing!

  • viccky

    Easy to use
    The retail till software is very easy to use and it works well for our industry.When problems arise, help is quick to resolve them.

  • Morgan

    Excellent staff
    Team member have brilliant customer services and are happy to go that extra mile.

  • Tony White

    Con artists!!! DO NOT TOUCH
    We were looking for a till for our new shop and after talking to a number of possible suppliers, we settled for Enovations. Really wish we hadn’t!
    I work in IT and so repeatedly asked the salesman, Aziz, if there were any ongoing costs attached. He replied no. I asked specifically if this was a perpetual license – he said yes. This means you buy it once and never have to pay any more.
    He said that support was optional, but we declined.
    We bought the system and it was delivered a month late, delaying the opening of the shop!
    After that, all seemed well – until just under a month after we bought it.
    It then started nagging us to pay for “maintenance” so we could get a key or it would stop working.
    I called and called and just got an Indian girl on the line insisting that every piece of software has to be paid for every year – this of course is a lie.
    I quoted the salesman again, saying that it was supposed to be a perpetual license and, after some heavy arguing, eventually was given a key.
    They then wrote email after email, phone call after phone call demanding £300 for software maintenance.
    Another year went by and now the software has stopped working again.
    We were assured when we bought it that there would be NO ongoing costs.
    These people are now holding us, a small business, to ransom. If we don’t give them £300 then the till stops working.
    Well, it is now a brick – worthless junk.
    Do not buy from these people. They are liars and thieves!!!