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– DNA-Agile DNAconnex Review

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DNA-Agile works with medium-sized and enterprise companies in the field of engineering.

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DNA-Agile DNAconnex

- DNA-Agile DNAconnex DNA-Agile DNAconnex is a robust cloud-based contact management system. It’s equipped with a number of tools to help you maximize your customer and supplier relationships, including dashboards that track tasks and satisfaction levels, a scheduling system that handles future meetings, customizable fields and tags with which you can organize your contact database, and history trails that detail interactions with the customer and supplier. Additionally, DNAconnex¬†makes it easy to generate and share reports.

About DNA-Agile
Since 1998, DNA-Agile has been developing planning and controlling software for engineering companies. The company staffs and works with engineers to ensure that the software is tailor-made for engineers. DNA-Agile has offices in USA, Poland, China, India, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

DNA-Agile DNAconnex Key Features

  • Cloud-based, centralized contact management system
  • Helps you maximize your customer and supplier relationships
  • Online dashboards that track satisfaction levels, business performance, customer/supplier statuses, and tasks
  • Scheduling system for upcoming meetings
  • Tracks history of all supplier and customer interactions
  • Can assign customizable data fields and tags to customers
  • Tracks and forecasts sales activity
  • Easy to generate and share reports
  • Program accessible 24/7 by any web-enabled device

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