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– DNA-Agile DNAprojex Review

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DNA-Agile works with medium-sized and enterprise companies in the field of engineering.

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About DNA-Agile DNAprojex

- DNA-Agile DNAprojex DNA-Agile DNAprojex is a collaboration software solutionm that enables cooperation between multiple users from multiple different organizations. You start by setting task start and completion dates, and then you can allocate resources and manpower to the task. From there, you can allocate user privileges to each project member, upload and share documents, and engage with team members over the software’s online discussion forums. Lastly, this software contains a dashboard system that comprehensively displays project data in real-time.

About DNA-Agile
Since 1998, DNA-Agile has been developing planning and controlling software for engineering companies. The company staffs and works with engineers to ensure that the software is tailor-made for engineers. DNA-Agile has offices in USA, Poland, China, India, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

DNA-Agile DNAprojex Key Features

  • Collaborative project management system that supports multiple users between multiple different companies
  • Track project statuses and user actions in real-time with the software’s dashboard
  • Set start/end dates for project tasks and allocate resources and manpower to them
  • Online document sharing system
  • Software hosts online discussion forums where you can discuss projects with other team members
  • Set user privileges and access by the individual

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