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– Doorbell CRM Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Less than 5000 contacts – $19/month
  • Less than 25000 contacts – $29/month
  • Less than 20000 contacts – $49/month
  • Less than 30000 contacts – $99/month
  • Less than 100000 contacts – $299/month

Doorbell CRM is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Small & Medium sized businesses, Higher Education, Creative Services and Service providers

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About Doorbell CRM

- Doorbell CRMDoorbell CRM and contact management helps you stay abreast on leads, tasks, and opportunities to increase sales. With features like lead monitoring and tracking, email and task history, and shared address book, Doorbell CRM makes it easier to collaborate with team members and close more leads. As a web-based solution, it’s easily accessible from any web-enabled browser.

Doorbell CRM Key Features

  • Monitor leads, opportunities, due dates and more
  • Use one address book for contacts and give access to team members from anywhere on the web
  • Save email, note and task history
  • Assigning tasks to yourself or a team member is easy
  • Use contacts groups and tags to help stay organized
  • Easily manage instant campaigns and ad-hoc situations

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