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Dotcms Review

Product Snapshot


Dotcms is an open source J2EE/Java Web content management system with cloud or on-premise deployment.

Customer Focus

As an enterprise-grade WCMS, Dotcms caters to mid-sized and large enterprise organizations. Dotcms has broad appeal across industries, but offers industry-specific solutions for the education and healthcare verticals.

Select Customers

Standard & Poor’s, Thomson Reuters Foundation,, Panasonic, Goodyear, Novartis, Colorado State University, Aon, Honda

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Dotcms WCM

DotcmsDotcms is a web content management solution that combines Java architecture with an intuitive user interface to reduce time to market, improve Web site traffic and provide a more engaging end-user experience. Dotcms WCM offers both marketing and developer agility. On the marketing end, Dotcms allows companies to engage clients across mobile, social and Web channels, and deliver on-demand content using advanced tools while maintaining branding across multiple sites. Dotcms provides developers with a technology environment conducive to quick development and deployment of site customizations. Some of its capabilities include WYSIWYG editing, multi-lingual management, simple visual workflow builder, drag-and-drop uploads and integrated content analytics.

About Dotcms
Dotcms was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing an open source Java alternative to PHP content management systems, and to do so at a competitive price. Today it offers large enterprises a platform for developing commercial-grade, multi-tenant, content-driven Web applications. Dotcms provides its community edition as a free download. Dotcms has received a “Best New Open Source CMS” award from Packt Publishing, along with a runner-up nod in the category of “Best Other Open Source CMS.” The company is privately-owned, and operates out of Miami, Fla.

Dotcms Key Features

  • Simple Authoring
  • Intuitive Workflow
  • Easy Content Contribution
  • Document Management
  • Mobile and Multi Screen Experience
  • Tagging and Taxonomy Management
  • Content Targeting and Campaigns
  • Scalability and Performance

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