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Shoptech E2 Shop System Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with job shops, machine shops and make-to-order manufacturers of all sizes.

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About E2 Shop System

Shoptech E2 Shop System E2 Shop System is manufacturing software that assists users with estimating and quoting, order management, purchasing and materials management, scheduling, data collection, quality control, shipping and accounting activities. The platform is designed with both a mobile dashboard and a webview, provides detailed information on material, labor and overhead costs, and recalls similar data for past jobs in order to establish benchmark estimates.

The software works to eliminate redundant data by automatically converting estimates into orders, allows users to create quotes on the fly and facilitates vendor competition by sending automated RFQs to multiple vendors. Additionally, the platform provides users with a whiteboard scheduling tool, profitability analysis functions and employee time and productivity tracking features.

About the Company

Shoptech was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


E2 Shop System Key Features

  • Quoting generation and sharing through fax or email
  • Order management tools including BOMs, job order routing, and material shortage notification settings
  • Shipment tools such as packing slips, shipping labels and tracking capabilities
  • Material management functionality
  • Scheduling and delivery date tools
  • Quality control tools
  • Contact management tools
  • Accounting tools and report generation tools
  • Quickbooks integration


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  • Shannon, Progressive Solutions

    When we purchased E2
    Shoptech 3 years ago I was not involved in the purchase and there was not
    proper research done to make sure this system was the best for our company. We
    are a small order manufacturer and distributor of doors & windows. There
    was a high starting cost to purchase the software and we had to invest in an
    on-site server to host the program. During implementation there was not proper
    training & support available and our business inefficiencies dropped to the
    point of nearly breaking the company. E2 does offer phone support during
    business hours if you pay the yearly maintenance fee but there is limited other
    help information, so some parts of the system we were never able to implement
    (i.e. the time tracking for each project & scheduling for each
    workstation). There is not a built-in configurator, so we had to create part
    numbers and build a bill of materials & routing for each of our assemblies.
    Some of our employees work off-site and cannot access the system or time &
    attendance as it is server based, resulting in them having to take their time
    separately. We used QuickBooks for our accounting as the E2 accounting module
    was not as robust and we also had to purchase a separate CRM (Landslide) for
    tracking our sales & marketing activities. We have now chosen to switch to
    the cloud software NetSuite allowing us to combine all 3 of our previous
    systems and have much more functionality & reporting access.

  • Amber Taylor

    How is the system working for you now? I’m working on implementing the system into our shop, we are a small Fiberglass corp. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You!!