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Proshop ERP Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

From $500/month.


ProShop ERP is available as a SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid solution.

Customer Focus

Small and medium job shops.

Select Customers

Frey & Weiss, Campbell, Trillium, Sealth, East Branch.


About Proshop ERP

Proshop ERP Proshop ERP is a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem: it combines the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CRM, CMMS in a browser-based platform. It is ITAR- and CMMC-compliant.

ProShop was born from the need to manage and understand the complex needs of manufacturing companies. It was designed by machinists, inspectors, CNC programmers, general managers, tooling crib staff, purchasing agents, quality managers, machine operators, ISO/AS quality system managers, customer service agents, CEO, sales managers, estimators, assemblers, CFO, receiving clerks, and everyone else that is critical to the smooth flowing operation of a manufacturing company.

About the Company

ProShop was built by Adion Systems in Vancouver, BC, and is supported by ProShop USA in Bellingham, WA. It’s a proprietary ERP, MES and QMS software package that was developed over 17 years while the owners were growing Pro CNC Inc., one of the largest machine job shops in the Pacific Northwest, culminating in a successful sale of the company in 2014.

Now focused exclusively on developing software solutions for the small to medium sized manufacturing company sector, the original founders of Pro CNC are bringing a revolutionary approach to the software needed to run a manufacturing company. Whether you have a machine shop, fabrication, dedicated products, composites, or any other type of discrete manufacturing company, Adion’s ProShop will redefine manufacturing software and completely change the way you think about your business and the software to run it most efficiently and profitably.

ProShop Key Features

  • ERP: Estimates, parts, purchasing, time-clock, Quotes, work orders, inventory, messaging, customer purchase orders, job costing, COTS, dashboard, contact, scheduling, users, reporting
  • MES: Parts, Users, Tooling, Work Orders, Fixtures, Time Tracking, Scheduling, RTAs, Equipment, Work Cells
  • QMS: Equipment, Quality Manual, Corrective Actions, Return Material Authorizations, Users, Procedures, Preventive Actions, Company Positions, Tasks, Audit Reports, Standards, Training, Non-Conformance Reports


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