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– Exact JobBOSS Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$299/month subscription, $2750 for on-premise


On-Premise software, available by purchase, subscription and hosted
Exact Online JobBoss: Cloud software, available by monthly subscription

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on meeting the requirements of small to midsize job shop businesses.

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About Exact JobBOSS

- Exact JobBOSS Exact JobBOSS is a complete software solution for make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order and mixed mode manufacturers. Designed for small manufacturers in diverse sectors such as metal fabrication, woodworking, rubber/plastics, machine building and printing industries, the platform helps manufacturers access business information in real time from any internet-enabled device. The tool also automates logistics and production, provides insight into production processes and links directly to your accounts.

Exact JobBOSS is designed to work with QuickBooks, allowing users to use the same login and easily switch between the two platforms, with customer and supplier information automatically synced. Additionally, Exact JobBOSS offers flexible deployment options, from on-premise to monthly subscriptions, allowing companies to only pay for what’s necessary. Exact JobBOSS also offers a hosted/private cloud option. With this option you are able to access your Exact JobBOSS data securely from our remote server, anytime, anywhere. Exact JobBOSS hosted/private cloud gives you predictable IT infrastructure cost and up-to-date backups.

About Exact

Exact was created in 1984 to provide the entrepreneurial world with the best information technology. Exact is a business of entrepreneurs working to help entrepreneurs all around the world. Exact is the leading software solution company in the Netherlands with various locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and the Pacific. Exact is dedicated to supporting the needs of all business sizes by providing solutions that combine people, collaboration, structure and results.

Exact JobBOSS Key Features

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
  • CAD-BOM import
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • General ledger
  • Job costing and tracking
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing and inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Quoting and scheduling
  • ShopAlerts and ShopStats
  • Track labor


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