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Ebix CRM SmartOffice Review

Product Snapshot


Ebix CRM SmartOffice is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Ebix CRM designed SmartOffice for MGAs, AGAs, PPGAs, insurance carriers, banks and credit unions of various sizes.

Select Customers

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About Ebix CRM SmartOffice

Ebix CRM SmartOfficeEbix CRM SmartOffice is a CRM and practice management solution that provides financial services companies with case management, advisor tracking, relationship management, marketing and sales tools. SmartOffice comes in a variety of solutions designed to meet specific business needs:

  • SmartOffice Premier Edition for financial advisors
  • SmartOffice Premier Edition for brokerages and general agencies
  • SmartOffice Professional Edition for insurance agents
  • SmartOffice Enterprise Edition for insurers, wholesalers, broker dealers and banks

About Ebix
Ebix CRM is a Canadian company that has grown into a leading international supplier of software and on-demand solutions for the insurance industry.

Ebix CRM SmartOffice Key Features

  • Delivers high-touch service without adding additional staff
  • Generates referrals and ensures client retention
  • Systematize proactive, personal communication with clients
  • Ability to keep clients on track and on plan

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