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Elexio Amp Fusion Review

Product Snapshot


Elexio Amp Fusion is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Elexio works with churches.

Select Customers

Christ Community Church, Isle of Faith UMC, Chestnut Mountain Church, Northview Church, Community Fellowship Church

About Elexio Amp Fusion

Elexio Amp Fusion Elexio Amp Fusion is a nonprofit management software solution that maintains churches and their membership databases. Users can easily add new members to a contact database, search for individual people and see members’ involvement levels. If users need to send out messages to groups of people, the program can issue out emails in bulk. As volunteers continue to interact with churches, they can receive announcements, find new volunteer opportunities and see upcoming events on a calendar. The system can additionally collect and track donations, and users can take care of all event registrations. Lastly, Elexio Amp Fusion can generate a number of customizable reports on church operations.

About Elexio
Elexio was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Elexio Amp Fusion Key Features

  • SaaS nonprofit management software solution
  • Designed for churches
  • Stores all members, their contact information and involvement levels in a database
  • Can email messages to groups of members
  • Volunteers can find new opportunities and receive updates
  • Tracks all donations
  • Handles all event registrations


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