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– EnableDoc PM Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • EHR – $200 per Month, $65 for total visits
  • PM – $125 per month, $50 for total visits
  • Integrated EHR – $300 per month, $100 for total visits.

Product is cloud based SaaS solution and requires no hardware for implementation.

Customer Focus

Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Administrators, Physicians.

About EnableDoc PM

- EnableDoc PM EnableDoc PM allows medical providers to improve their appointment process efficiency through in-depth patient tracking and extensive scheduling. EnableDoc PM can be integrated with EnableDoc EHR.

EnableCloud is a certified vendor for meaningful use products and helps its clients receive anywhere between $44000 and $64000 in reimbursements.

EnableDoc PM Key Features

  • Scheduling and Eligibility
  • Claims Processing
  • Collects and Accounts Receivable
  • Billing Dashbaoard
  • Tasks and Secure Messaging
  • Reporting

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