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Enterprise Software Solutions BI Portal Review

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Enterprise Software Solutions BI Portal

Enterprise Software Solutions BI PortalThe ESS Business Intelligence Portal is a centralized repository for data analysis and reporting tools. AD Integrated Authentication, and tight integration with the MS Report Server make it ideal for intranet deployments. Forms-Based Authentication and SQL Server-based storage engine are also supported to allow Cubes to be securely exposed to Internet users. The portal utilizes direct calls to the back-end servers, thus eliminating the middle tier – no impersonation and no scalability issues. It consists of five components that are also available as separate products. These are the Report Server Companion, Report Server Viewer, Interactive Dashboards, Data Mining Companion and Interactive Charts and Maps.

About Enterprise Software Solutions
Enterprise Software Solutions has developed an innovative set of products to help you persistently monitor and proactively manage your IT software resources, allowing you to gain better control of database performance, data delivery and communications flow. On the front-end, Enterprise Software Solutions has developed a complete analytical and presentation framework called BI Portal that hosts several major products – Business Intelligence Companion, Report Server Companion, Data Mining Companion, Dashboards, Charts and Maps.

Enterprise Software Solutions specializes in the Microsoft SQL Server Stack – SQL, SSAS and Reporting Services. The company’s initial product Companion for MS SQL Server debuted over 7 years ago and was the first product to provide details of the inner workings of the MS SQL server. ESS invented the Deadlock monitor, Time Travel and Forensics Analyzer. Followed by the Companion for MS Analysis Server, ESS once again was the innovator of the Resource Governor and Cache Warmer.

ESS Business Intelligence (BI) Portal Key Features

  • Authentication – users can access the application securely from anywhere in the World over the Internet.
  • Forms Based Authentication – BI Portal Custom security integreated with MS Analysis Server, MS Reporting Services
  • Active Directory Based Authentication
  • SSRS Server – Customer Forms or Windows Integrated
  • SSRS Security and delivery extensions are provided for Internet deployments
  • SQL Server – SQL Security or Windows Integrated
  • Delegation – Delegation is NOT required since it imposes a major security risk


  • Analysis Server – cube data can be secured on a “per User” basis
  • Analysis Server – cube data can be secured at the Role/Group level
  • Analysis Server – anyone can access the data through impersonated account
  • SQL Server – SQL Security or Windows Integrated
  • Report Server – Customer Forms or Windows Integrated


  • SQL Server Storage Engine
  • Reporting Services Storage Engine


  • Personalization and Membership
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Internationalization – Currency and Date/Time Formats
  • Custom Color Themes
  • Presentation and Management solution in one

Additional Features

  • Silverlight-based application with interactive GUI
  • Distributed computing – presentation drawings and data processing executed on the client
  • Self Updating application
  • Windows Application or Web Site Based Application
  • Extensible container to host other Silverlight applications

Business Intelligence Companion

  • Object Usage – Dimensions, Hierarchies, Levels, and Measures can be placed on rows and columns.
  • Filtering – Paginated filters work in simple and advance modes. Batch lookups and properties-search are available. Context filtering allows only relevant members to be displayed.
  • Instant Filters – Interactive selections of members allow for instant filtering. Level drill downs and up is available for easy navigation. Auto-play will iterate over the selected member based on a preset interval.
  • Sorting – Both rows and columns members can be sorted at the same time. Measures can be sorted within the hierarchy or on the whole set. Alternative sorting is done for Time members.
  • Actions – All actions types are supported: 1) SSRS in-place report viewing; 2) HTML links; 3) Datasets; 4) HTML fragments. 4) Drillthrus. Available-actions indicators are placed in the cell corners.
  • KPIs – All KPIs indicators are supported, including the new ones for SQL 2012.
  • Sessionless – All MDX statements are self-contained so the solution can run on a session-less load-balanced SSAS farm. Note: Writeback operations require session affinity.
  • Bandwidth – The solution has been optimized for bandwidth usage. All traffic is compressed by default.
  • And much more.

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