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Oracle MICROS eOne Commerce Review

Product Snapshot


With eOne Commerce, customers can choose from a variety of databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. eOne Commerce is built on the open architecture of the Java platform.

Customer Focus

eOne Commerce is focused on working with retailers of all sizes, worldwide.

Select Customers

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About MICROS eOne Commerce

Oracle MICROS eOne CommerceMICROS eOne Commerce is an ecommerce solution that provides social retailing, content browser, and data analytic tools to enhance the customer experience with fewer clicks, richer content , interactive visual and page persistence. MICROS eOne Commerce provides your business with content management tools to control pricing, promotions, up-sell messages, and merchandising easily. eOne Commerce also has built-in SEO tools.

About MICROS Systems Inc
eOne Commerce is provided by MICROS Systems, Inc., the leading provider for enterprise applications for the hospitality and retail industries. MICROS Systems, Inc. is used in over 300,000 restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and entertainment and retail operations in over 180 countries.

eOne Commerce Key Features

  • eOne Web Results
  • Feature product
  • Check inventory
  • Re-print invoices
  • Browse Order History
  • Place new orders
  • Update Shipping
  • eOne Administrator
  • SEO and Web 2.0
  • Merchandising
  • Robust Business-to-Business Functionality
  • Integrate with other Solutions

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