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Epic Data IntegraMES Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Product is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with midsize and large enterprises.

Select Customers

Fortis Alberta, Fujifilm, Honda, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon


About IntegraMES

Epic Data IntegraMES IntegraMES is manufacturing execution software that supports multiple industry-standard manufacturing operational strategies including process, discrete, repetitive, synchronous, cluster, sequential, loose-coupled, batch-to-discrete and continuous processes. The platform offers applications designed specifically to handle multiple aspects of manufacturing including production execution, material tracking, labor management, shop floor data collection, and scheduling and planning processes.

The software is equipped with buffer management and system controls for directing, monitoring and balancing production runs, controls and regulates personnel time and attendance, and enables users to manage production flow and operations scheduling. Additionally, the platform provides users with process management tools that identifies and creates prioritized planning for complex processes and operations, is equipped with systematic quality control functionalities, and is designed to be configured to business rules, organizational practices and operational strategies.

About the Company

Epic Data, a division of Sylogist Inc, was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia.


IntegraMES Key Features

  • Condition monitoring tools including automated alerts for negative trends, abnormal parameters or non-conforming data
  • Maintenance management tools including preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Resource allocation and status tools
  • Data collection and acquisition capabilities
  • Production tracking and genealogy functionality


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