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ERPLY PayPal POS Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Free trial and single-user, single-store license. Pricing starts at $70 a month for additional support and features.


Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with retail companies of all sizes, from single-store to chain-size.

Select Customers

American Sunglasses, Shaver Shop, Viasat, Schott NYC, Global Gifts


About ERPLY PayPal POS

ERPLY PayPal POS ERPLY PayPal POS is social media point-of-sale software that works with PayPal to handle all purchasing transactions. The platform allows users to have their store listed in the PayPal app, giving their shop exposure to the 100 million+ worldwide PayPal users.

The software provides businesses with tools to expedite checkout processes, reveal customer spending trends and insights and prevent against fraud. Additionally, the platform allows companies to gain access to a buyer’s social media information, follow what customers say about the store, issue online coupons to them and like their posts and purchases.

About the Company

ERPLY was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in London, New York and Tallinn, Estonia.


ERPLY PayPal POS Key Features

  • Social media POS system that works with PayPal
  • Lists store in the PayPal app, granting exposure to 100 million+ PayPal users
  • Reduces fraud, speeds up checkout, and shows customer insights
  • Tracks buyer data by providing user with buyers’ social media profiles
  • Monitors social media comments on Facebook and Twitter about store
  • Send online coupons to customers
  • Follow and/or like social media posts


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