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eTakeoff Advanced Review

Product Snapshot


A license is $950.


eTakeoff Advanced is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

eTakeoff works with small and mid-sized companies.

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eTakeoff Advanced

eTakeoff Advanced eTakeoff Advanced lets you create and modify takeoffs so that you can easily share them with other colleagues. The program quickly loads single page and hundred page takeoffs alike so that you can tweak their measurements, scale them, and rotate them. Additionally, you can add viewing layers to takeoffs and open an unlimited number of takeoffs at any given time. Lastly, eTakeoff Advance lets you annotate takeoffs and compare two different drawings via overlay.

About eTakeoff
eTakeoff is headquartered in Colorado and released its first product in 1994. The company has put out three generations of takeoff viewers.

eTakeoff Advanced Features

  • Creates and edits all your takeoffs
  • Easily shares takeoffs with others
  • Loads all takeoffs quickly regardless of size
  • Lets you modify takeoff measurements
  • Takeoff rotation and scaling tools
  • Can load an unlimited number of takeoffs for any number of screens at any given time
  • Can create takeoff viewing layers
  • Compares takeoffs via overlay
  • You can annotate your takeoffs for problems and attach notes and documents to them
  • All takeoffs viewable by eTakeoff Basic

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