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– Exact Ecommerce Review

Product Snapshot


Product runs on a hybrid cloud solution that offers hassle-free maintenance.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with small and midsize companies.

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Contact vendor directly for case studies.

About Exact Synergy

- Exact EcommerceExact Ecommerce works with Exact Macola to build and manage your online business. The software decreases costs and simplifies the design, integration and management of online stores and orders. In addition, Exact Ecommerce customers can use Exact Macola to manage accounting and inventory tables with ease. Exact Ecommerce provides all data from orders and your inventory onto a single channel. Exact Ecommerce provides you with the tools you need to expand your business across numerous sales networks, websites and global regions.

About Exact

Exact was created in 1984 to provide the entrepreneurial world with the best information technology. Exact is a business of entrepreneurs working to help entrepreneurs all around the world. Exact is the leading software solution company in the Netherlands with various locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and the Pacific. Exact is dedicated to supporting the needs of all business sizes by providing solutions that combine people, collaboration, structure and results.

Exact Ecommerce Key Features

  • Online login
  • Customize B2C web stores
  • Create an online catalog
  • Total access and integration
  • Use Macola tax codes to calculate sales tax
  • Process new orders through Macola
  • Automatic replication
  • Custom design services


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