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FirstInsight MaximEyes SQL EHR Review

Product Snapshot


FirstInsight MaximEyes SQL EHR is a cloud based solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Ophthalmology and Optometry based Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Administrators, and Physicians.

Select Customers

Vision Quest Eye Care Center, Hermann and Henry Eye Care Center, Dupont Family Vision Clinic, Southeast Retina Center, Blue Earth Valley Eye Clinic, Northwest Eye Associates.

Customer Case Studies

Northwest Eye AssociatesRetina Institute of TexasHermann and Henry Eye Care .

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About FirstInsight MaximEyes SQL EHR

FirstInsight MaximEyes SQL EHR A completely eye-care specific solution, MaximEyes SQL EHR provides customized templates and a specific one screen summary to give medical providers thorough information during an appointment. MaximEyes SQL EHR integrates with MaximEyes PM and is HL7 compliant.

FirstInsight is the first company to launch an EHR and PM software exclusively for the ophthalmic market. FirstInsight was founded in 1994 and works with Windows for its software .

FirstInsight MaximEyes SQL EHR Key Features

  • ePrescribing
  • Disease Specific Templates
  • iPhone Compatibility
  • Single-Click Data Access
  • One-Screen Summary
  • Built-In PQRS
  • Instant Diagnostic Access
  • PM Integration

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