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FluidReview Review

Product Snapshot


FluidReview is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

FluidReview serves customers of all sizes in industries including higher education and nonprofits.

Select Customers

The University of Ottawa, Northern Illinois University, Nelson Education Ltd, University of Notre Dame, Thiel Fellowship

About FluidReview

FluidReview FluidReview is a cloud-based grant and application management solution that can be used by higher-education organizations for scholarship management and by nonprofit and charitable organizations for grants management. Applicants can log in from anywhere to apply for awards or to check the status of their application. Staff can log into the system to check on award disbursements, review recent decisions made by their reviewers and judges and monitor the overall flow of applications through the system. Reviewers and judges are able to log in and view, rank, rate or comment on the applications.

About the Company

FluidReview was first launched in 2010 under the name ReviewRoom. The company is now owned by SurveyMonkey. FluidReview is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Key Features

  • Fully branded website for the application process, which can be a stand-alone or become part of your website
  • Create a custom workflow to complement your unique awards process
  • Pre-screen applicants and/or applications on criteria you choose
  • Automate repetitive tasks to increase processing speed and reduce human error
  • Collect all required documentation online
  • Reviewer committees can log in from anywhere to complete evaluations and score applications
  • Integrates with your existing systems and works with flat file imports

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