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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– Geo Infotech CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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Contact vendor directly for case studies.

About Geo Infotech CRM

- Geo Infotech CRM Geo Infotech CRM works across your sales, marketing, and customer service departments to streamline and coordinate all operations. The program starts at marketing, where you can run campaigns and track your marketing budgets. Once you have leads, the system can assign reps tasks, track all activity, and display each rep’s performance. Lastly, Geo Infotech CRM supports your customer service operations by providing chat support tools, warranty management, and automated workflows that can handle simple inquiries.

About Geo Infotech
Geo Infotech was founded in 2007 and has offices in the UAE and India. The company puts out software solutions for ERP, CRM, HRM, and project costing.

Geo Infotech CRM Key Features

  • SaaS CRM software solution
  • Works throughout your marketing, sales, and customer service operations
  • Handles your campaigns and tracks your budgets
  • Assigns tasks to all your sales reps
  • Monitors all customer interactions and activities
  • Has chat tools and a knowledgebase for customer service reps
  • Can use automated workflows to resolve simple inquiries and problems
  • Manages all customer warranties

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