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– GetSimple CMS Review

Product Snapshot




GetSimple CMS is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

GetSimple works with small and mid-sized customers.

About GetSimple CMS

- GetSimple CMS GetSimple CMS is an open source web CMS software solution that is quick to set up and easy to use. At the start of content creation, users can choose from one of many page themes and design templates. Users can then play around with page content via the WYSIWYG editor and set a website structure for all active pages. From there, the program offers a wide range of plugins that users can install to add features to their pages. For instance, plugins provide functionality for blogs, news feeds, image galleries, search engines and more. The system can support content for multiple languages, and all stored content is fully secure. Lastly, GetSimple CMS can easily undo any action and edit a user performs on a webpage.

About GetSimple
GetSimple was started in 2011.

GetSimple CMS Key Features

  • On-premise web CMS software solution
  • Open source
  • Users can choose site themes and page templates to start content creation
  • Features WYSIWYG editing
  • Offers a wide range of plugins for displaying new types of content and adding website functionality
  • Users can easily perform undos on program actions
  • Secures all content and data


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