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– gloStream gloPM Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$465 a month for integrated EHR and PM.


Built on Microsoft office, gloStream medical software uses gloDNA (Detailed Needs Analysis), which ensures that your PM system is built precisely to your practice’s requirements.

Customer Focus

Physicians, Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Administrators.

Select Customers

Century City Primary Care, Medford Women’s Clinic, Internist, SMART Clinic, Worldwide Health, Alliance ENT and Hearing Center, Rochester General Surgery.

Customer Case Studies

Jeffery W.Wilder, M.DJulio Sosa, M.DJordona Pritikin, M.D.

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About gloStream gloPM

- gloStream gloPM Through its familiar and easy to use Microsoft Office based technology, gloPM simplifies common medical management processes such as scheduling, billing, and creating practice reports. gloPM can be integrated with gloEHR and features extensive claims scrubbing functionality.

gloStream is the first medical software company to embed Microsoft Office into its products, and it is the only 100% partner-driven EMR software company. Through the use of Microsoft Office, gloStream looks to supply medical providers with a familiar and easy to use technology.

gloStream gloPM Key Features

  • User-friendly Dashboards
  • Scheduling Applications
  • Insurance and Billing Data
  • Claims Scrubbing Functionality
  • Billing Feedback
  • Claims Status
  • Transaction History
  • Charge Summary
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Customized Reports

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