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– Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM Review

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Customer Focus

Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM meets the needs of small to large-sized businesses in various industries.

About Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM

- Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM is web-based software designed to increase revenue growth and productivity for companies through management of sales, customers and sales teams. It offers customized reports for tracking sales and trends, as well as marketing and sales force automation. It supports various Cloud CRM applications, including NetSuite CRM+, Zoho CRM and CRM for QuickBooks.

About Go Virtual Office
Go Virtual Office operates with a “product neutral approach,” hosting software for companies ranging from wholesale and distribution to manufacturing and Ecommerce. In addition to CRM, the company also offers enterprise resource planning and accounting cloud-based software.

Go Virtual Office Cloud CRM Key Features

  • Sales force automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Contact management and interaction tracking
  • Customer service and support
  • Partner relationship management
  • Analytics, including business dashboards and real-time calculations and reports
  • 24/7 access to software, available online

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