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– HealthFusion MediTouch EHR Review

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Product is a cloud-based SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Vendor works with Hospitals and Health Systems, Physicians, Medical Administrators.

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About HealthFusion MediTouch EHR

- HealthFusion MediTouch EHR MediTouch EHR is a medical software that integrates practice management, medical billing and EMR to create a solution that is completely interoperable and provides ease of use to medical organizations through Ipad and web accessibility. Working with the medical providers learning curve, the platform contains useful tools such as charts and table so medical providers can easily monitor patient progress.

About HealthFusion

HealthFusion is the first company to produce a all-in-one, web-based, touch screen EHR. HealthFusion is a BBB accredited business and is a certified CORE vendor.

HealthFusion MediTouch EHR Key Features

  • Built with SOAP format
  • E-prescribing tools and capabilities
  • Allergy list management and accumulation
  • Problem list management and accumulation
  • Enables users to order tests through the system
  • iPad compatibility
  • Patient web portal
  • Print wizard
  • Quality report generation tools
  • Patient report generation tools
  • Immunization records and management
  • Task manager functionalities
  • Alert and notification settings
  • Built-in Dashboard views
  • Pre-loaded codes

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