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Auxillium West HRSource Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is a hybrid on-premise/web-based solution.

Customer Focus

Product is designed to work with midsize companies.

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About HRSource

Auxillium West HRSource HRSource is HR software that enables users to manage employee data throughout the employee work lifecycle, from application to end of employment. The platform is comprised of four tracks: Core HR, Talent Management, Learning Management and Compliance.

The software allows users to track unlimited histories, analyze data, and generate reports and letters within a single interface. Additionally, the platform is designed to be linked to third-party software systems, provides users with a task management checklist feature and allows multiple users to have simultaneous access.

About the Company

Auxillium West was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California.


HRSource Key Features

  • Equipped with government required ready-to-use standard letters and reports
  • Links documents such as resume and performance reviews to applicable employee recors
  • Built-in query wizard
  • Platform includes Access Report Writer for custom report generation
  • Includes Excel import template
  • Links to third-party payroll and timekeeping systems
  • System customization
  • Foreign currency converter for international relationships
  • Integrated validation tables to expedite data entry and ensure data integrity


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