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HubSpot Marketing Software Review

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HubSpot is available as a monthly subscription with the choice of one of three different plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Each plan is based on which tools and features your company needs, as well as how many contacts you’ll be managing. A complete chart of their features and pricing can be found here.


HubSpot is available as a web-based software platform that’s easily accessible from anywhere you have Internet access. You can even link your HubSpot account with your Gmail and login through a Google account.

Customer Focus

HubSpot reportedly has more then 7000 users as of mid-2012, and their customers come from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, construction, education, non-profit, eCommerce, and more. Their solution can fit the needs of SMBs and enterprises alike.

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Unum, Increnta, Advance, Kameleoon, Triaster

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Skyline at Skybay, Cogentys

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About HubSpot Marketing Software

HubSpot Marketing SoftwareHubSpot marketing software is a complete marketing solution that includes all the tools you need for email marketing, lead generation, landing page optimization, social media monitoring, and more. It doesn’t require technical background or IT support, though HubSpot does provide unlimited technical support services to its customers. By integrating all the different marketing techniques used by professionals and small businesses alike, HubSpot makes for a much more efficient and effective platform for tracking and measuring your online marketing initiatives.

About HubSpot

Founded in 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusets, HubSpot was started by CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah. HubSpot’s software helps businesses generate more inbound traffic and leads, as well as convert more of those leads into actual paying customers. HubSpot’s marketing software platform includes all the tools that professional marketers, as well as small business owners, need in order to manage their site’s search engine optimization, blogs, lead intelligence, landing pages, social media, and marketing analytics. HubSpot also provides a collection of informational materials on marketing practices, which you can find on their website.

HubSpot Marketing Software Key Features

Search Optimization
  • Keyword Research – Helps you find effective keywords and then track them on your site.
  • Link Tracking – Helps you track inbound links and leads generated from those links.
  • Page-level SEO – Helps you determine why your site isn’t ranking properly and how you can fix it.

Social Media and Blogging Software

  • Create a blog for your site and measure its analytics.
  • Monitor your social media activity, schedule posts, and track mentions.
  • Analytics for your social networks helps you track how your tweets, posts, and mentions are impacting marketing efforts.

Lead Generation

  • Build landing pages quickly and easily for lead capturing.
  • Optimize your site and drive conversions.
  • A/B testing capabilities to help you determine which versions of your landing pages are converting more effectively.

Lead Management

  • Anonymous company tracking allows you to see what companies are visiting your site, even if they don’t fill out any forms.
  • Lead intelligence gives your sales team a complete lead history that includes page views, emails, and form submissions.
  • CRM integration allows you to sync your HubSpot account with whatever CRM system you’re already using.

Email Marketing & Automation

  • Email marketing management with segment lists and target emails.
  • Lead nurturing with customized follow-up emails.
  • Marketing automation that triggers personalized emails to your leads based on their online behavior.

Marketing Analytics

  • Closed-loop reporting helps you tie leads back into a specific initiative as well as calculate marketing ROI.
  • Website analytics helps you better dissect your website traffic and determine how your leads are being generated.
  • Also see your competitors’ online metrics using Competitor Tracking.

HubSpot Marketplace

  • Access a number of apps to increase productivity, connect with other systems (i.e. shopping cart software, Gmail, Facebook, etc.), and sync your HubSpot account with your current CRM.
  • Find professionals in the technology space who are experts in working with HubSpot to assist you with things like website design, SEO, inbound marketing, etc.
  • Access the Marketplace forums to find help with apps and services.

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