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Igea HHC Review

Product Snapshot


Igea HHC Software is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Igea Software works with health agencies.

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Igea HHC

Igea HHC Igea HHC Software is a home care software solution that can transform your agency into a paperless zone while managing and streamlining all of your home care operations. The program is compatible with electronic signatures and can create all necessary practice and medical documents you need to distribute to patients. At the point of care, physicians and administrators can pull up the patient’s history, send the patient’s bill, and easily maintain appointment scheduling. Igea HHC can also take care of payroll, and supports OASIS management. Lastly, this top medical software solution can create more than 100 types of agency reports.

About Igea Software
Igea software was founded in 2003 as Indura Systems. SInce then, Igea has used mobile technology to revolutionize the way health agencies provide patient care. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, CA and partners with Microsoft, HCAF and CAHSAH.

Igea HHC Features

  • SaaS home care management software solution
  • Helps you transition into a paperless office
  • Creates and distributes billing, medical and other practice-related documents
  • Easily processes new patients
  • Stores all patient histories
  • Maintains all appointments in a schedule
  • Can bill patients in compliance with HIPAA, PPS and FFS
  • Processes payroll
  • Can generate more than 100 types of practice management reports

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