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Product is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.

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Zildjian, Aloca, Mayo Clinic Health System, QVC, The Cheesecake Factory

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About Infor EAM

Infor EAM Infor EAM Enterprise is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives users the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage and support sustainability initiatives.

About the Company

Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites that are engineered for speed. Using ground-breaking technology that delivers a rich user experience, Infor offers flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on premises or both.

Infor offers a complete array of products to manage every part of the front office, back office and the top supply chain operations. Whatever the user’s role or responsibility, information flows seamlessly and securely, providing necessary data for well-informed decisions and agile response to changing business needs.


Infor EAM Key Features

  • Application pre-configuration allowing any client to log-in, and become immediately productive, based on Infor’s strong domain expertise and indepth industry knowledge. Business flows are predefined; security levels are preset.
  • Easy-to-use reporting making the most important data immediately viewable and comprehensible, including a variety of reports covering assets, materials, purchasing, scheduling and workforce management. The quick creation of custom reports is also simple using query studio to develop any report to meet specific needs.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), via easily viewable using dynamic dashboards, are also pre-configured, based on industry best practices, allowing any customer to monitor critical performance indicators without having to waste time, or run lengthy reports.
  • Web-based architecture allows access to key information, over any Internet or intranet connection for easy, 24 x 7, accessibility.
  • Mobile applications empower users to perform real work, in real-time, without wasting valuable hours, and performing repetitive tasks.
  • Comprehensive core modules include asset management, work management, preventive maintenance management, material management, purchasing management and alert management.

Experience what over 10,000 EAM clients have enjoyed::

  • 20% improvement in labor productivity
  • 20% reduction in inventory carrying cost
  • >10% increase in fleet availability
  • 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
  • 50% reduction in purchasing process costs
  • >20% savings in energy costs…and more.

Propel profit. Try Infor EAM for Facilities.


White Papers and Demos

The Truth Behind Verticalization of Enterprise Asset Management
White Paper provided by Infor
What is verticalization and how important is it when selecting an Enterprise Asset Management/Computerized Maintenance Management System (EAM/CMMS)? Are there any significant differences in the approaches taken by EAM/CMMS vendors in developing, marketing, and maintaining industry-specific solutions?
Improve Risk Management, Compliance and Customer Satisfaction in Asset Management with PAS 55
White Paper provided by Infor
The evolution of asset management is gathering pace. Once restricted primarily to maintenance management and the repair of faulty equipment, modern day asset management is proactive and focused on achieving cost savings, improved profitability, better service levels and customer satisfaction, improved health, safety and environmental performance; and adherence with corporate and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
Monitoring How Your Assets Use Energy: See What You’ve Been Missing
White Paper provided by Infor
Companies with plants, facilities, and equipment are now facing a daunting reality: Energy consumption is eroding profit margins. As rising energy costs continue to take a larger part of the operating and maintenance budget, corporate executives must focus on the challenge of managing energy use, as well as growing public and government concerns about carbon emissions and other pollutants.


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