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– Infor10 ERP Process Business (Adage) Review

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Infor offers flexible deployment options that include on-premise and hosted models. Infor solutions are built on a single code base and provide a consistent user experience, as well as security and administration features.

Customer Focus

Infor10 ERP Process Business is specially designed for process manufacturers operating in industries such as food, consumer packaged goods, specialty chemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Cumberland Packing Corp., Organic Valley Family of Farms, Flint Ink Corp

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Organic Valley Family of Farms

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About Infor10 ERP Process Business (Adage)

- Infor10 ERP Process Business (Adage)Infor10 ERP Process Business, also known as Adage, is designed to give process manufacturers greater control over their business information, enabling them to make better business decisions. Infor10 ERP Process Business delivers feature-rich applications that help to ensure compliance, lower costs, and optimize key processes. With Infor10 ERP Process Business, process manufacturers can improve production efficiency, enhance collaboration, and find new profitability channels.

About Infor
Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites that are engineered for speed. Using ground-breaking technology that delivers a rich user experience, Infor offers flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on premises or both.

Infor offers a complete array of products to manage every part of the front office, back office and the top supply chain operations. Whatever the user’s role or responsibility, information flows seamlessly and securely, providing necessary data for well-informed decisions and agile response to changing business needs.

Infor10 ERP Process Business Key Features

Order to Cash

  • Accurately capture customer specifications, orders, profit-based allocations, and promotion pricing
  • Optimize order line margins using rules-based allocations
  • Improve the accuracy of costing fulfillment events
  • Configure the system to meet changes in market dynamics

Plan to Produce

  • Leverage lot tracking, multiple units of measure, dates, attributes, co- and by-products, and workflow-based processes
  • Eliminate non-value-added manual tasks
  • Reduce maintenance, duplicate entries, and lead times
  • Actively manage material, process, quality, and compliance-based specifications

Procure to Pay

  • Leverage vendor management, contract and vendor performance, and quote management features to ensure payment compliance and procurement
  • Support supplier enablement programs to improve quality and consistency
  • Provide payment based on quality and material performance
  • Adapt workflow-based processes to meet changing compliance requirements

Financial Management

  • Integrate financial management in all business processes
  • Increase financial transparency and accuracy
  • Support allocations, budgeting, journals, and reporting


  • Integrate with Infor PLM to improve quality and compliance, while minimizing costs
  • Integrate with Infor CRM to optimize order and customer activities
  • Integrate with Infor SCM to improve supply chain planning and execution
  • Integrate with Infor EAM to monitor asset deployment and performance
  • Integrate with Infor PM to gain visibility across applications, data sources, and business processes

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