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Infusionsoft Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • $199/mo. (Essentials)
  • $299/mo. (Deluxe Sales and Deluxe E-Commerce)
  • $379/mo. (Complete)

Infusionsoft is a web-based solution built with a multi-tenant architecture to deliver enhanced performance and scalability.

Customer Focus

Infusionsoft is focused on serving the needs of small businesses involved in professional services and online retail, as well as information marketers and trade and internet marketers.

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About Infusionsoft

InfusionsoftInfusionsoft is the software solution for small businesses that are focused on growth. A web-based solution, Infusionsoft is the only product available that combines CRM, email marketing and ecommerce into a single, integrated system. Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software delivers tools that help businesses better capture leads, increase sales and save time. Built with a powerful automation engine, Infusionsoft manages the entire sales and marketing process from end to end, helping clients improve and run their businesses more efficiently.

About Infusionsoft
Established in 2004 and based in Gilbert, Arizona, Infusionsoft serves the needs of small businesses by providing custom software. Its all-in-one sales and marketing automation software is a leading product in its segment and has been frequently recognized for its excellence, winning awards from top technology publications and associations. Over 7,000 small businesses rely on Infusionsoft to help streamline their marketing and sales processes. With a team of over 150, Infusionsoft is dedicated to helping their clients improve conversion, increase leads and grow sales.

Infusionsoft Key Features

Sales Activities

  • Easily view and update contact information with Inline Editing and Interactive List View
  • Create follow-up actions with just one click

Lead Qualification and Distribution

  • Automatically assign leads and schedule follow-ups by placing intelligent motion sensors in your marketing materials
  • Identify the best time to connect with leads

Sales and Conversion Reports

  • Measure performance, track progress against goals, find bottlenecks, and analyze conversion rates
  • Place most viewed reports in the dashboard for quick and easy reference

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

  • Standardize sales processes for more efficient management from end-to-end
  • Forecast revenue, monitor performance, and automate follow-up

Web Forms

  • Design and publish forms instantly
  • Use real-time updating to easily make changes

Customer Segmentation

  • Segment customers by adding tags to contact records, enabling targeted marketing and sales campaigns


  • Track what tasks need to be done and by whom
  • Create reminders and appointments


  • Easily import data from any CRM, CSV file, or contact management system
  • Eliminate duplicates once data is imported


  • Create and launch marketing campaigns that convert leads into customers
  • Trigger campaigns automatically or manually when a contact takes an action
  • Ensure campaigns are set up correctly with color-coded indicators and checklists


  • Start or stop campaigns instantly based on customer behavior
  • Deliver customized content
  • Use multimedia channels to market offline

Social Media

  • Make content easy to share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Publish web forms and emails to social channels
  • Monitor the success of social activities with reporting tools


  • Leverage the Drag & Drop Email Builder to create professional emails
  • Customize email templates to fit the company logo and message with just a click of a button

99% Email Deliverability

  • Ensure emails reach the inbox with a built-in span scoring tool from SpamAssassin


  • Measure and track email and social media activities
  • Easily view marketing activity on the homepage report dashboard
  • Check stats such as click-through, social sharing, and open rates

Behavioral Triggers

  • Leverage the automation engine to insert smart automation links in emails
  • Respond quickly and personally to contacts when they click on a link

Multimedia Marketing

  • Create and automatically send voice broadcasts, personalized mail, and more

Storefront & Shopping Cart

  • Organize and display products to sell online
  • Integrate or import existing storefronts with Infusionsoft’s shopping cart
  • Process payments with PayPal or with the current merchant account

Electronic Order Forms

  • Use a hosted landing page that is especially designed to match the company site when selling a product
  • Use the shopping cart to feed contact and billing information into the system

Discounts, Upsells, and Trials

  • Use customer buying behavior to offer tailored discounts and upsells
  • Offer a free trial and automatically start billing once the trial ends

Payment Plans

  • Split prices into payment plans to encourage higher-dollar purchases
  • Define time period, financing arrangement, and number of payment installments

Post-Purchase Follow-Up

  • Start a customer welcome campaign, send a thank you email, segment contacts with tags and more


  • Charge credit cards and automate billing and subscriptions
  • Automatically inform customers about failed charges or overdue balances

Product Management

  • Get alerts when product levels reach a certain threshold
  • Notify contacts and provide shipping details to improve order fulfillment
  • Send download links and enforce download restrictions for digital products

Affiliate Programs

  • Create customer partnership programs
  • Use a partner portal to share marketing resources and reports
  • Easily track payments, commissions and referrals

Workflow Automation

  • Schedule and bundle task into a single “action set” that can be activated with just a click

Smart Promo Offers

  • Suggest related products and services in the shopping cart

After Sale

  • Personalize customer communications based on purchases, interests, and more to increase response rates

Infusionsoft Screenshots

  • Infusionsoft is a robust solution that combines all the functionality businesses need to better manage and automate their marketing and sales processes (autoresponders, shopping carts, order forms, etc.) all within a single system, saving time and money from having to use multiple, separate solutions.
  • Infusionsoft is built on an open API, allowing businesses to customize and manage their sales funnels to their exact needs.
  • Infusionsoft makes following up with contacts, leads, and customers easy and automatic. Plus, the system also allows companies to send targeted messages, based on the behavior of their clients, so that they can sell to them more effectively.
  • Infusionsoft does not have a very intuitive interface, which may lower user adoption rates.
  • The shopping cart and storefront features have limited customization options and they may not be right for every business, especially if it offers many products.
  • Updates to the software can sometimes cause disruptions and interruptions.

Infusionsoft is an affordable all-in-one system that is ideal for online small businesses. The automation features are a true standout of the solution and they are built to be flexible enough to allow companies to make any adjustments as necessary. Despite its powerful functionality, the system is not the most user friendly, which may discourage people who do not have much technical experience with a software program. For small businesses whose needs have gone beyond their email marketing system, but still don’t require an enterprise-type system, Infusionsoft may provide the features they need to help to continue to grow.

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