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iQuoteXpress Review

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Founded in 2009. iQuoteXpress is 100% privately funded.

Customer Focus

SMBs, large enterprises – any company that produces quotes or proposals to generate orders.

About iQuote Xpress

iQuoteXpressQuote Xpress is a web-based SaaS application, which enables businesses to automate their sales estimating process using the latest internet technology. Sales personnel is able to easily and quickly generate sales proposals which are more detailed, accurate and include product marketing information. iQuote Xpress users enjoy an enhanced image as professional communication is consistently delivered to the customer.

iQuote Xpress was founded by three sales guys who grew tired of 1) observing proposals scribbled on the back of napkins and brochures, 2) witnessing costly quotation mistakes, 3) failing to secure business because a sales representative did not have the necessary product information at hand, and 4) losing orders because a proposal was not submitted timely. They also noticed how some sales representative would spend countless hours attempting to create a “proposal masterpiece” which, unfortunately, kept them behind a desk and not in front of customers selling product. Simply put, they felt there had to be a better way to generate a winning proposal.

iQuoteXpress Key Features

  • Automated Quotes & Proposals
  • Customized E-Catalog
  • Contact Management Tool
  • Reporting Tool
  • Product Configuration
  • Integration with leading CRM (, Oracle, etc.), popular bookkeeping software (Quickbooks), and leading digital signature service, DocuSign

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