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j2 Global KeepItSafe Review

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Software-as-a-Service (client software installed locally)

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Small businesses to enterprises.

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About KeepItSafe

j2 Global KeepItSafe j2 Global’s KeepItSafe is an automated remote backup system for workstations and servers. The KeepItSafe service is offered in two distinct flavors—one appropriate for small to midsize businesses, and the other for enterprises with multiple data centers. All KeepItSafe plans are certified to ISO standards.

Both versions offer automated back-ups to an encrypted remote site with two storage locations for redundancy. Additionally, backups are retentive, meaning backup copies of files deleted locally are maintained—no more losing work thanks to accidentally emptying the trash/recycle bin! KeepItSafe Disaster Recover (DR) allows companies to roll back computers to any state backed up before data loss, and can be installed on- and offsite. To promote ease-of-use and to ensure data is backed up correctly, KeepItSafe sends technicians to install all necessary on-premises software.

KeepItSafe Key Features

  • Automated backup to two duplicate remote servers ensuring redundancy of valuable files
  • Data centers certified to ISO standards
  • Data encrypted to highest encryption standards
  • Technicians setup backup software on-premises
  • Enterprise plan automates backup of multiple data centers and runs on all popular server Oss (e.g. Exchange and SQL Server)
  • Distaster Recover (DR) plan enables rollbacks to previous OS states or bare-metal (from scratch) restoration
  • Off-site and on-premises backup DR options allow flexibility and increase redundancy

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