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– Joyent Cloud Review

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Starting at 8.5 cents/hour


Joyent uses a powerful, enterprise-grade ZFS file system to ensure data integrity and security. The Joyent Cloud also deploys a fully-meshed 1-/40 Gbps network to ensure fast response times.

Customer Focus

Joyent provides cloud hosting solutions to a wide array of companies in a variety of industries.

Select Customers

Kabam, Gilt Groupe, LinkedIn, AKQA, Social Game Universe, TVDCO, Neverbug Entertainment & ZooLife

About Joyent Cloud

- Joyent CloudThe Joyent Cloud provides proven cloud computing infrastructure and cloud hosting technology. It delivers virtual servers with advanced cloud security to businesses who want to run their applications in the Cloud. The Joyent Cloud is built with pre-configured virtual appliances to enable rapid application delivery and scaling. The Joyent Cloud can quickly have critical business applications up and running in the Cloud, freeing companies to run their organizations rather than managing their infrastructure.

About Joyent
Founded in 1994, Joyent is a global provider of cloud computing and systems software. Joyent provides cloud hosting solutions that are built on a complete cloud software stack. It is a proven, carrier-grade cloud infrastructure platform that allows companies to run their applications in a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Joyent Cloud Key Features


  • Dynamically scale in real-time, up to 16 CPUs
  • Get Full VNIC control
  • Configure to custom specifications
  • Leverage an enterprise grade file system and volume manager (ZFS)
  • View granular insights into real time latency from kernel to application with Joyent Cloud Analytics
  • Get public/private IP addresses
  • Intelligently cache data
  • Use premier Disk I/O and Network I/O to run Linux and Windows SmartMachines at a rapid rate

MongoDB SmartMachine

  • Leverage a high-performance, scalable, open source NoSQL database
  • Store JSON-style documents using dynamic schemas
  • Index any attribute
  • Mirror across LANs and WANs
  • Leverage flexible data processing and flexible aggregation
  • Store files of any size without overloading your stack

Node.js SmartMachine

  • Deploy data-intensive real-time (DIRTy) applications
  • Scale to millions of users and support concurrent connections
  • Get a unique IP address for each appliance, unrestricted Web sockets, and Port 80 access
  • Support personalization, geolocation, and dynamic data use in appliances for gaming, ecommerce, and social networking
  • Get JavaScript application code end-to-end and back-to-front
  • Simultaneously deploy to multiple servers
  • Specify dependencies with npm integration

Percona SmartMachine

  • Use SmartCache to reduce I/O latency
  • Get lightweight container-based virtualization with CPU bursting
  • Conduct non-blocking backups with XtraBackup
  • Improve memory use efficiency
  • Consolidate servers and run MySQL queries faster
  • Delay or avoid sharding
  • Create detailed query logs using per-query statistics
  • Perform latency root cause analysis
  • Measure performance per index, table, user or host counters
  • Use HandlerSocket to implement NoSQL protocol

Riak SmartMachine

  • Scale both horizontally and elastically
  • Operate in highly distributed environments
  • Read/write across all live nodes
  • Automatically replicate data
  • Instantly add a node to a cluster, with no downtime
  • Perform deep, complex queries with a robust MapReduce engine
  • Access full-featured client libraries for PHP, Java, Erlang, Ruby, and Python

Stingray SmartMachine

  • Enable application acceleration to improve performance
  • Cache content to increase response times and lower server load
  • Use TrafficScript to get real intelligence to traffic management rules
  • Add Java extensions to traffic management rules
  • Improve end-to-end security and SSL encryption and decryption
  • Use traffic clusters to scale the traffic management solution to any requirement
  • Use the Stingray Art of Defense as an application firewall
  • Cluster multiple Stingray load balancers

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