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Jinfonet Software works with enterprise companies in the fields of IT, telecommunications, ISV, finance, and government.

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JReport by Jinfonet Software

- JReport by Jinfonet SoftwareJReport is a software suite that can handle all of your reporting needs. With a drag and drop system, the JDashboard allows you to make your tables and reports and to explore data with the option of filters, drill downs, and sliders. JReport Server Live helps you build and share interactive reports with minimal training on a high-performance server that can handle all workloads. Lastly, the JReport Designer guides you through the completely customizable report designing process.

About Jinfonet Software
Jinfonet Software was founded in 1998 and works with millions of users each day on the JReport platform. The company’s partners include IBM, Pearson, HP, and a dozen more. Jinfonet Software is a leading provider of Java reporting solutions and recently released JReport Mobile on the Apple App Store.

Jinfonet Software JReport Key Features

  • Customizable dashboard and charts with 3rd party API and widget support
  • Explore data with the aid of filters, drill downs, and sliders
  • JReport Mobile app is free and allows you to access dashboards anywhere
  • Share and create interactive reports over JReport’s powerful server
  • Easy data visualization for any data source and report
  • Intuitive report design wizard

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